The Helper Hare

The Helper Hare™ is a fun new character that can be helpful through out the year. The Hare will become part of your family and will come to visit from time to time.  The Hare is there to encourage your children to be helpful and good, while teaching responsibility and important values .

Our first book featuring The Helper Hare™ is An Easter Tradition.  This is the story of the magic behind Easter.  The Easter Bunny is very busy as you can imagine, and without his Helper Hares, Easter might not happen.  These Hares build the toys, paint the eggs, make the chocolates, make the baskets and everything else Easter.  The Easter Bunny also likes to know how your children are behaving, and if they have been helpful and good.  A week or two before Easter, The Helper Hare™ will show up at your home and see how your children behave.  The Hare wants to see how helpful and good they can be.  At night while they sleep, the Hare will report back to the Easter Bunny on what has been seen.  Day after day the Hare returns to your home, until Easter Eve.  Kids who are helpful and good will earn Easter treats.  The Helper Hare™ An Easter Tradition is a fun and helpful activity for the whole family.

The Helper Hare™ An Easter Tradition is a box set children’s activity that comes with a plush toy, storybook, and endless possibilities.  This book is being released February 2017.  The Helper Hare™ will be available for pre-orders and purchase through our Kickstarter campaign and our website  Orders placed through our website by March 29, 2017, will be guaranteed to be delivered by April 7, 2017.  Just in time to enjoy for over a week before Easter Sunday!

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