Dzifa Glymin

Dzifa is co-founder of Envision KiDZ and the creator and author of The Helper Hare™ An Easter Tradition. His creative nature, and kid at heart attitude is the driving force behind this brand. Dzifa serves as President of Envision KiDZ, and oversees all aspects of the business.

Prior to Envision KiDZ, Dzifa served as Vice President of Operations for a private oil & gas company.

He is a fly fishing addict who lives in Colorado, with his wife and two kids.


Zach Nigut

Zach is co-founder of Envision KiDZ and currently serves as Creative Director. Zach brings years of marketing, brand development, e-commerce and web design experience to Envision KiDZ.

His vast knowledge of social networking and marketing platforms has been gained through his experience running ZGN Creative.

An avid fly fisherman as well, Zach lives in Colorado with his wife and two kids.

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