Our Story

Dzifa Glymin had this idea one day.  He saw an amazing opportunity in a new category.  He had an idea for a new character who makes holiday’s through out the year fun.  An Easter tradition came to mind, and a Hare that helped make it all happen.  Using his creative talents, Dzifa sat down and began writing.  The first draft of the story was a hit with his kids, who could not stop talking about the “Hare that helps the Easter Bunny”, and The Helper Hare™ An Easter Tradition was born.

With his wife and kids on board, he needed an outside opinion to validate his idea, enter Zach Nigut.  With Zach’s excitement and enthusiasm about the idea, and the experience he brought to the table, the two founded Envision KiDZ LLC to launch The Helper Hare™.

The company was self-funded to bring the new concept to life, and production of The Helper Hare™ and our book An Easter Tradition began in November 2016.  The book and plush toy combo will be released March 2017, for children and families to enjoy for Easter.


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wow! thats a big screen